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The Stone House- The Project Begins!

The Stone House, circa 1917, was designed by William Rantoul in 1903 and used by the first Superintendent, O.C. Bailey, and then by his successor Charles Gattrel as office and storage space. This building is also know as the superintendent’s office and horticulturalist’s office. The Stone House is 600 square feet on the main floor with storage in the attic and cellar. There are plans to renovate this building including its roof, Garden, interpretive, and theater programs are being considered as future uses for this building. The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and the Friends of Maudslay are partnering to restore this building and put it to good use for the benefit of the public.

The summer of 2021, DCR out of Boston hired a company to de-lead the painted surfaces of the Stone House and clean the interior of the structure.  While they were doing their work, several members of the Friends board were able to see the inside for the very first time.  After seeing the interior, it seems most reasonable to restore this historic building on the inside and outside.  DCR has committed to re-pointing the outside chimney and other areas that require work and then cleaning the stone and replacing the roof and flashing.  The Friends of Maudslay are committed to restoring the inside of the horticulturist’s office and, with DCR, determine how the building might best be used in the future.  The windows will also need to be addressed so they are repaired and functional.  Stay tuned!!

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