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Dedication Tree Planting

The Dedication Tree Planting is a perfect way to help rejuvenate and restore the Park's trees and honor someone at the same time. A dedicated tree planting will replace dead or damaged trees, and to help restore the beauty of the Park. 

Time, disease, insect infestations and weather all take a toll on the trees within the park. Replanting lost or damaged specimens must be done with species appropriate to the historical aspects of the park and this can be expensive. Your participation in this Dedication Tree Planting Program wil help to make the restoration possible. The Park Manager will confer with you and recommend the type of tree that is needed, where it can be situated and recognition. Cost will depend on the many factors, including species and size of the planting. The program is designed to replace trees that have been lost and not to introduce new plantings in keeping with the historic aspects of Maudslay State Park. 

Dedicating a planting is an excellent way to permanently honor a person or event that is important in your life.  Your donation is made exclusively through Park Management  and is not in any way affiliated with the Friends of Maudslay.​

Contact the Park Manager at 978-465-7223 or e-mail to

Photo: compliments of Kay Ficht

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