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Brick Walls Restoration -
Phase 1 Complete

The garden is open! Come and see what your membership dollars accomplished. The retaining wall has been completely reconstructed thanks to your generosity and matching funds from DCR. 


The contractors have finished construction of the new center wall in the Italian and Rose Garden.  After several years of fundraising and with tremendous funding from DCR, we now enjoy not only the new wall but also the replanting of the roses and boxwoods.  With a new irrigation system, the plant life should be well supported in the coming years.  The Friends of Maudslay Garden Committee has already returned to do their good work and will do so until Phase II.  The exterior walls will be repaired next spring and the beech tree hedge (Fagus sylvaticus) will be pruned to a hedge-like structure at the same time.  The Moseleys would be excited to see the restoration of these beautiful gardens.  The Friends of Maudslay will start another fundraising campaign for funds to add urns to the tops of the entrance pillars.


Click here for Phase 2.  

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